Cotton Candy Shop & Retro Sweets


Hi there! I'm Sam, Candy-Captain and Commander in Sweet of SKY CANDY.
Here to learn a little more about how this fun new candy was created? 

It started with ICE CREAM.    

I decided to make the jump into the sweets business for myself after managing a neighborhood store. One glorious day in the retro soda fountain themed shop I was whipping up our weekly special ( my favorite part!). As I topped a heaping cone of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and whipped cream the idea leaped into my brain. Cotton Candy + Toppings! I immediately trained my replacement and quit three weeks later.

There has been some turbulence along the way, but with the help of some amazing friends, my family and the support of my hometown (love you ORLANDO!) SKY CANDY is now cruising smoothly. I'd invite you to head over to our shop page to order your very own flavor vacation!

- Samantha O'Hare