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The Joy of Giving

Samantha O'HareComment

 Holiday music has already begun filling the aisles of grocery stores, elevators, and shopping malls. Savvy shoppers are warming up their index fingers and stocking up on Visine in preparation for days of deal scouring online. In the haze of mark downs, bell ringers, and list checking it can be easy to lose track of where the real joy of the season comes from. Showing others we care. 

This season when you purchase Sky Candy's Fluff you are helping some of Orlando's most deserving kids and their families experience some Christmas Magic. All of the profit from now until December 25th  will be donated to XL 106.7's Baby DJ program. Each year Baby DJ gives more than 4,000 children and their families food and gifts on Christmas morning. The need continues to grow.

While no toy is enough to erase all of the hardships Orlando's families are facing the knowledge that there are people who care in our communities can be a beautifully powerful source of renewal and strength for us all. That's a pretty good place to start.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from us and ours!

The Spinnerettes

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