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A Sweet Send Off From Stetson Alumnae

Samantha O'HareComment

Congrats to the Class of 2018!

Newly minted Stetson Alum mingled with the incoming class of freshman at the Alumnae House this past weekend.  Stories were exchanged, advice was given and we were there doling out both ice cream and cotton candy. Being a part (even if small) of the major milestones for our clients never gets old! 

B's Coachella Birthday!

Samantha O'HareComment

Sweet Vibes & Good Times

I'm not sure what kind of parties you all had when you were 10, but this party may be my favorite of the year so far! Guests lounged inside white teepees, listening to live music, sipping on pink lemonade, and of devouring lavender-vanilla cotton candy swirls. Don't even get me started on those costumes! 

The bright and soft pastel shades mixed with wood and leather could easily be elevated for any summer soiree. Take a look at a few of the photos we snapped and get inspired!

Happy Birthday B! Thank you for having us!