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What Makes It Gourmet?

Samantha O'HareComment

Elevating Your Indulgence

GOURMET-  Hipster grocery stores, natural goods shops, and farmers markets are busting with products sporting the word.  Gourmet everything is available now from ice cream to maple syrup. What the heck does it mean, and is it really worth the price bump?

Now we can't speak for everyone, but the best gourmet products we have found elevate the flavor of foods that you are already stocking from the big box chains. Flavor combinations are a little fancier (like our Cardamom Coconut),but the goal is to squeeze every little bit of flavor out using the best ingredients you can find.

Take strawberry for example. Natural Strawberries are tart and sweet. If you were to make a jam, the acid that makes strawberries tart is cooked out in the process. What can you do to amp up the flavor of your now mostly sweet strawberries? Maybe you want to try a little bitter with your sweet and add some orange peel. Ta-da! GOURMET JAM! 

Now don't mistake, artisanal is different from gourmet, at least in our experience, and usually not for the better . (Check out this video of kids trying out artisanal ice cream by Huffington Post  

Maybe some chefs are so bored with their food they need to make crazy Frankenstein flavors like avocado-mint ice cream and strawberry balsamic coffee cake. These products can be alive with flavor, but it's often hard to tell what exactly is in it.

Gourmet is about layering and enhancing flavor so you can experience them at their peak. More flavor for your money is what it's all about. While you may impress your guests with letter-press labeled sriracha-blueberry bagels, chances are you will also mystify their taste buds. Go for "Wow!" by trying out gourmet foods that have three or fewer ingredients. The experience will be well worth it.

Do you really need $7 Strawberry-Orange Jam on your toast every morning? That depends. Will you slather on an extra teaspoon of big-box jelly in an effort to add extra flavor? For some people the trade is worth it every day, for others it's a way to get more value for special occasions. However you choose to gourmet try local markets first. The producers are often the people manning the booth and would LOVE the chance to chat with a discerning customer like yourself!

So, gourmet cotton candy. Whether it's for a gift or something you want to stock on the regular, Sky Candy is all about the ultimate balance of flavor fun with quality and value. Shop our store to see what seasonal sensations are available, and feel safe knowing that is tastes EXACTLY like what it is supposed to. Get 20% off your first flavor destination by emailing with the subject line GOURMET.